Some changes a comin’

Hi Friends! So for the last few years, I have been hosting my website through I started as a newbie blogger one summer day, hunched over my laptop with a few ideas. I still remember sitting… Continue reading


A film poem. This short film was part of a larger project I did on family, and the ways that “remembering” can impact our experience of the present. The film was made in October of 2013.

The Bucket List

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about travel over the years. When I was a kid, I remember getting so excited for family trips that I would start packing my bag three… Continue reading

15 small ways you can be more like an anthropologist

I know I’m guilty of putting Indiana Jones on a pedestal of super awesome too, but these tips might be a little more useful in studying cultures around the world. 1. Carry a notebook with… Continue reading

Summer, a memory

It’s cool by the water now that the sun has gone. I can hear waves licking at the dock beneath me. Looking out into the water, dotted with flecks of starlight,  I can’t find where the… Continue reading

14 tips for exploring the world on a budget

As the school year begins, here are a few pointers for all you blooming anthropologists out there. It can be expensive to travel, but it doesn’t have to be. These are some of the… Continue reading

A Bug’s Life

We did things in secret a lot: a movie after running errands, a meal out when we could have eaten at home, a run by Wendy’s after she’d gotten her nails done. These… Continue reading


Yesterday I planned my escape. I considered provisions, distance, and how pissed Ben would be if I did something to his car. In the end, I realized the only truly important thing was… Continue reading

The Chickin Lickin

June, 2013 – a memory At exit 17 on Interstate 95 North, I discover there are only two options if you need to eat. Two shops, facing one another, flanked by highway and… Continue reading

Market Girl

For everyone out there who’s done the customer service schlep. “Hm, so what do we have here,” asks the fourteenth person today. She saunters up to the table, tray of chicken bones in… Continue reading

Kid – Summer 2010

I wake up before Amanda does, when the sun starts warming the room through the thick plaster walls and the dogs start barking in the field behind our rented room. I don’t want… Continue reading

The truth

I return home after the seventh “test run” for employment. The seventh unpaid afternoon spent chopping brussels sprouts and tearing kale, washing dishes and making potato salad. It’s the seventh afternoon I’ve wasted… Continue reading

In Crown Heights, near home

The first few times he called out to me, it caught me off guard. “Hey neighbor,” would come the sound of a man’s voice from my left. He’d be sitting on his stoop,… Continue reading

How cultures around the world think about parenting

“Craziness? Culture.” The most succinct tagline I’ve read for an article related to anthropology in a long time. This is a great piece on how sharing differing styles of parenting around the globe… Continue reading


When Maro leaves, I hold onto Polo until the Range Rover is out of site. He and I sit in the dirt, me holding his collar, petting the dust and straw out of… Continue reading

Photo Walk: storm from the rooftop


The New York I’d almost forgotten

Back in the city, on the subway, letting the train rattle my body. Across from me a young woman and a sleeping toddler are folded into each other. He rests in her lap,… Continue reading


As Father’s Day approaches, this one goes out to my Dad. Dad was the one who made dinner. He would get home around six, wash his hands of electrical dust, and get to work… Continue reading

In April, the trees peel

Around eight, the streets are still mostly empty. In recent weeks, there has been more light in the mornings. But today, for whatever reason, it is especially brilliant. There’s a bizarre serenity to… Continue reading

Photo walk(sit): the front porch

  For the first time since fall, I sat on my stoop today. I people watched. I read a magazine. I ate mango out of a pretty blue bowl. I stifled a giggle… Continue reading

10 Tips for Surviving Anthropological Fieldwork

Originally posted on Netnographic Encounters:
Borobudur Buddhist temple near Yogyakarta, Indonesia. A picturesque respite from the hard work of ethnography. In two weeks I will have been in Java, Indonesia, for a full…

[in Just-]

This post doesn’t have much to do with stoops or anthropology, but this poem has always been one of my absolute favorites. It seems appropriate this time of year, so why not bring a… Continue reading

Photo Walk: Utah

Circa December, 2010.  

Bird Man

Up in the air the seed flew “Here guys!” He said And gathering around the generous bits on the ground, among pebbles Were the birds swooping and scratching The thrower giddy, the birds… Continue reading